Images and irritations

Today I had a rather strained meeting, and then a lovely relaxing but painful yoga session. My joints are very sore at the moment but apart from that it was relaxing if that makes sense. Set me up nicely for a big burst of energy later.

After lunch I was teaching the students who will be pre-school teachers about picture analysis, advertising, gender issues and our responsibilities as teachers. It's usually a lively session but the students were fraying at the edges a bit, they work intensively during their campus weeks, then go home and study alone. It can take it out of you. And I was an odd mixture of frustrated from the weird meeting, relaxed from the yoga and in my professional teacher self too.

Anyway, these are some of the examples of images of men and women used in commercial adverts. We stood in front of them exploring different ideas in twos. Can you switch the sex of the people in the pictures without it being weird? Probably gender neutral if you can. Are there any pictures of women with their mouths closed? Not a lot. What about body posture? Are the men active, or posing? And the women? I love my job!!!

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