What lies beneath

Today my youngest and I went for a walk, along the Aire and Calder navigation, from the Royal Armouries to Thwaites Water Mill and back. Of course we got completely soaked in the rain....

Its a fascinating walk. The area has been subject to considerable renovation, so you have this mix of very fashionable and sought after flats, with beautifully manicured paths by the canal, to suddenly back to a derelict factory and unkempt area. This was under the A61 bridge. Someone is clearly more of a budding graffiti artist here, and has some talent. Yet they are relegated to the derelict parts, walls beneath bridges etc... I very nearly put up the tag they had put beside a derelict factory "These are but castles in the sand". And it was tagged on a small square of sandstone in a brick wall. 

So this is my offering for Derelict Thursday this week. I'm now completely shattered (we also toured both museums, and then I came home to do some gardening), so its time for a well deserved cup of tea!

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