The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

A Wins A Win

It's not been a vintage Six Nations weekend.

Yesterday's games were a bit turgid.

England were always going to beat Italy, who seem to have gone backwards of late. Ireland ground out a solid win over France, which was impressive in its professionalism, if not in any form of dazzling skill.

Wales simply had to beat Scotland today, and with the game being in Edinburgh it was going to be a tough ask.

In much the same way Ireland had won, Wales basically won an arm wrestle. There was little flare, it was all to do with muscle and power. Scotland will be kicking themselves, if they had converted one of the three chances they had they would have won. But they didn't, and that is what it is all about at that level ...

Wales are still have a chance of winning the tournament .. Scotland and now also rans ...

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