Costa Rican Cloud Forest

We left our mountaintop spa retreat early this morning, while it was still engulfed in clouds and mist, so I've yet to discover its beauty. This is a shot looking back as we drove down.

We spent the day on the road to a couple of different locations, including the Poas volcano (still active), where we got a nice overlook view of the crater. Pretty impressive sight! then off to La Paz' Waterfall Gardens and assorted animals, frogs, toucans, butterflies, etc. I did more hiking up and down mountains than I normally do, so I'm ripe for a good night's sleep. Got the requisite amount of touristy pix, which I'll spare you. 

I won't be doing much commenting: wifi is painfully slow and I'll be lucky if I manage to post this… Will catch up on my return!

Good news: my suitcase finally arrived! sorry Jefe: no pix of skinny dipping in the offing ;)

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