Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Silver Linings

Blipping this on Friday, 20th!

I seem to constantly be a day behind at the moment! That is mainly due to my cough wearing me out. G has a mini half term (she got a day off either side of a weekend), so she dropped me to work, picked me up for lunch, dropped me back and then picked me up again at the end of the day to make a quick trip to Dubai Mall.

The day didn't start anything like how it finished i.e. clear with clouds in the sky! Clouds are rare here and cause a bit of excitement, so I couldn't help taking some shots as G drove. Was so pleased she brought her DSLR.

Had a close look at a garment steamer... something that could possibly add an hour of free time to my week! Is there a silver lining here? I think so, though we have yet to buy it. As for the clouds... well, they always have silver linings. :)  And my cough WILL eventually go and I won't remember how annoying it is to be sick for a long time. I hope.

... and the Royal Philharmonic are having a concert tonight - in my place of work - and I couldn't go to see them because of my cough! Argh!

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