Venus, Mars and the whole of the moon

House viewing, paperwork and then, late afternoon, we set off to Wooler.

Pleasant stroll around the town, picked up our free chocolate cake from the newly opened Co-op and had a picnic in the car (way too cold to eat outside!) looking out over the hills as the sky darkened and stars started to twinkle.

Couldn't resist taking a shot (or three...) of the crescent moon and two bright stars, so I thought. Discovered later that the brightest is actually Venus, and the smaller, fainter one is Mars, in a rare alignment with the moon. Not a great shot, but the best I could manage with freezing cold fingers and without a tripod!

After warming up by a roaring fire in a local hostelry, it was time for the main reason for being in Wooler - a concert by Bowjangles, a string quartet with a difference. Music, singing, dancing and comedy - they were just brilliant! And energetic - you just have to admire someone who can play cello and sing whilst dancing... 

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