Edinburgh Chap's Photos

By GilesGuthrie

My Little Renegade (2015.039)

Jonathan, wearing his Melbourne Renegades t-shirt (bought at a Big Bash game in Melbourne), returns home after playing a stormer at junior cricket.

His batting was measured and assured, and I could see the confidence and the technique got better and better.

But it was his "catch of the week" award that was the greatest source of pride. The batsman made good contact. The ball coming hard to Jonathan at mid-off. Other boys crowded around like sharks, their minds on trying to steal the catch. 

As one of the assistant coaches, I was there on the ground. Time passed so slowly. It looked an easy catch, but no catch is easy when you're eight years old and all your mates are shrieking "catch it!!!" in your ear.

Jonathan kept his head, formed a nice bread basket with his hands, and caught the ball. 


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