where we left off

Pain-in-the-arse Android 4.4 SD card write-restrictions and disinclination to lapse back to JPEG-without-NEF notwithstanding, Eye-Fi-ing stuff directly to the phone from the camera shows promise, particularly if the camera were not my proper camera but a smaller contingency camera which doesn't do NEF anyway. More testing tomorrow. Possibly, seeing as there are many other things in my camera bag besides my camera.

After a couple of seat-adjustments the only remaining snagging to sort is the disinclination of the computer to record more than the first few hundred metres and the slight honking from the rear brake when starting off, which might mean sticking the Travel Agent back in if the excessively long stays are going to flex so much under acceleration. It still feels a bit odd but that could just be the light loading, which will be fixed by leaving the double pannier on and allowing it to accrete random unnecessary crap from a couple of weeks' commuting.

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