Life with The Pinks

By suzypink

Hanging on too long....for the sun? Musical May 24

I'm sorry it's another tenuous link today. But it does feel like it's been ages that we've waited for these past two days of sunshine. But it's been fabulous. The mini pinks have loved it. We've made the most of it today too, with ice lollies in the garden after school, and some impromtu water play/car washing/two small people without any clothes on running around the garden!!

We've had to be careful playing in the garden though, as next door have a swarm of bees in their hedge. They have called someone in to remove them, but at the moment we have to evacuate the garden every so often when the bees are agitated and cause a big black cloud of bee-age!

Miss Pink has mostly been a fairy today, she wanted fairy wings and a wand for preschool and insisted on playing fairies when she got home. And then wore one of her fairy costumes for the rest of the day.

And we've had our kitchen measured up for an actual real life grown up kitchen. It's very exciting. Who knew how hard it would be though to choose everything!!

I hope you've all had lovely sunny and happy days today?

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