By mollyblobs

Naked Bedeguar Gall

The Bedeguar Gall  (perhaps better known as Robin's Pincushion) is a gall caused by the larvae of a tiny gall wasp, Dipoloepis rosae. It is widespread and common, and can be found developing on the stems of wild roses during late summer, acquiring its characteristic reddish colour as it matures in autumn. The grubs inside the gall feed on the host plant throughout the winter and emerge in spring as adults. This particular specimen has survived almost a year since last spring and now that the fimbriate covering has worn off, clearly shows the chambers where the larvae developed, and their emergence holes. 

This was one of the more interesting things I spotted on my short morning walk at Dogsthorpe Star Pit, where I dropped Alex for a day of scrub clearance.  My back's been tender since the weekend, so I rested it yesterday, which seems to have helped. I really don't want sciatica to set in again this spring - far too busy!

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