Behind Peace lies Chaos

Some of the BTEC art students at school were exhibiting some of their work today.  I was so impressed at their talents.  I particularly liked this one and the information given on the rationale behind it.

The student used three different materials - watercolour for the sky in the style of Turner, and pen and pencil in the style of Stephen Wiltshire.  They were chased to create an interesting texture.  The name "Behind Peace lies Chaos" was given to the work because the city symbolises Chaos and all things busy which may represent situations and moments in life that we travel through.  The forest reprints times that are peaceful and/or sad.

This resonated this afternoon as my friend Y and her husband of less than a year have been told that he has a brain tumour.  So sad when they have found happiness together recently after many years of turmoil with their previous partners.

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