By memento


When a death stare fails to draw attention to the fact that one would like to start a game, the emission of staccato chirps will often be successful. However, if the person whose attention is sought is wearing headphones so the music won't disturb the sleeping members of the household, no amount of chirping will yield results. One may have to resort to energetic climbing and attacking the scratching post in the hope that one's movement is noticed in the person's peripheral vision.

We are just on two different clocks, aren't we, kitty. Alright, just a short one; I am in the middle of some work fo.....oh dear, will you look at the time. Earliest blip ever!

Some z's and coffee and I should be ready to live the rest of the last day of February. It has been stellar so far. All one and a half hours of it. I've been streaming London Grammar while working and my brain feels like it's awash in soothing, colored light.

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