....We Few, We Happy Few

By paul1332

You Can Never Find A Biro When You Need One

The first and only rule when it comes to what items your children take to school is never give them anything that you are not prepared for them to lose. So whilst it was a fitting gesture to present my pride and joy with a sparkly new Parker ballpoint on her first day of high school , I knew the day may arrive when the location of this pen would be a job for Scotland Yard.

One of the things I have learned to take from my upbringing is never to have a big song and dance about things when they get lost. It was always such a big deal in our household and you would never hear the end of it. Life is really too short to sweat the small stuff like that.

Therefore I have discovered these. They write very well indeed and if one goes missing it really isn't the end of the world. My good friends at Amazon made the price WH Smith's wanted almost hysterically funny and the good people at the Royal Mail delivered this morning.

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