This is me sitting on the sofa, working on my latest hat.

The hat of many many colours, in short lengths of wools of many sorts. I love the idea of a palette of yarns to pick and choose from, and a vague sort of hat pattern to work to. I have knitted lots of hats and have a pattern in my head: cast on 120 stitches for my size of head, knit till it's time to reduce for the crown, reduce 4 or 5 stitches each round till it is done.

I get sort of engrossed, or perhaps obsessed wiwth the knitting and I can do it whilst conversing or listening to something fascinating on the radio.

All the wool is from second hand shops, and my idea is reuse, re-do and re-invent rather than buying newly produced stuff. The stash is quite huge, and it tends to spill out all over the place. But without the stash I would not be inspired to create. This has been true all my life I think, and now I get to decide it isn't a problem at all!

In passing I'd like to say that the garments made by Back on Track are very very good if you have aches and pains. Look them up on the web, they are originally a company working with horses so on the web you get to choose if you are interested in horses, dogs or humans!!

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