Richard III of Course

George invited Len and me to join him on a tour of the new Richard III centre in Leicester, opposite the cathedral. The area is now totally pedestrianised and very smart. A considerable contrast with how I remember it when I used to motor into Leicester for rehearsals in the cathedral centre with the Bach Choir.

But then they discovered the skeleton under the city council car park. King Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field on 22nd August, 1485. He was the last in the line of Plantagenet kings.

I have a feeling that this statue once stood in a park by the river or on Bow Bridge. It now stands proudly outside the discovery centre, all multimedia and conflicting audio narratives.

Worth a visit if you've never been to Leicester nor known much about Richard III before.

Actually, the Archaeology Department at the University of Leicester was much more interested in delineating the extent of the old Greyfriars Church. There were good reasons to think that Richard had been buried in the choir of the church - and so it transpired.

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