Scattered Polaroids

By sp

I planned a tiny lie in this morning (we had champagne and many vodkas last night). Instead I was awake and leaping around my room in pursuit of a very buzzy fly at 6.30.

Uni this morning, and a meeting in the space I'll be in for the degree show. It's a fantastic space; it used to be The Winchester Gallery, so it's pretty amazing. It is, however, unbearably hot. There are no windows, just skylights far too high up to open, and not even a hint of a breeze. Lugging huge pieces of timber and even huger wooden boards wasn't fun.

I managed to escape eventually, and had a milkshake by the cathedral with the gang. This was my view.

Now for a bit of work in the garden before I head back down to hopefully pick up my photos from Jessops. And then, as is tradition this week, drinks this evening. The sun being out somehow makes it acceptable that I've had a drink every day for 6 days.

Tan update: no tan.
One year ago, a very good day.

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