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Industrial Folly

Jeez... those 'Spring' showers were a bit vicious today. 

Didn't help either that in the hurry to escape one of them I managed to leave a gorilla-pod strapped to a bench on top of the old Polmaise Colliery bing. By the time I'd realised that, an hour had passed, but thankfully, probably because the weather was so crap and there was very few people out and about, by the time I made it back it was still there.

Made us a bit late for picking Euan up from his training, but hanging about in the freezing cold after splashing around in icy puddles in a muddy field will put hairs on his chest I'm sure. After that, I ended down here at the site of another long abandoned coalmine, chasing some scudding clouds over the Hillfoots. A proper cock-up by someone this was - a high-tech new mine in the late fifties that lasted only six years before closing down due to expensive running costs. There's very little evidence of the colliery left, with most of the area it covered imprisoned inside HMP Glenochil, but this old pump-house still stands as a reminder.

Took this and made my escape as yet another blawy Baltic shower moved in.

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