By hoodedpigwoman

Boy Stalks Balloon

We had another trip to the Botanic Gardens today. We sat on the grass to be on the safe side. After we had a picnic (Alexander ate mainly crisps), we had a stroll around and saw a balloon blowing towards us.

A kind man caught it and gave it to Alexander, so after a quick look round to see if anyone was after it we took it. Then it blew away again. And again. Here is Alexander stalking it through the long grass.

We ran into Alexander's nursery group in the playpark and on the way out I stopped to have a drink. I saw a small boy heading down the hill and towards the gate without an adult in sight, so I scooped him up and headed back up the hill with him under my arm and pushing the buggy with one hand. I'm Superwoman, I tell you! There I met one of the nursery nurses looking worried... I wonder how much she'll pay me to keep quiet?

Alexander dropped his hat on the way, but I found it on some railings on the way back, thus proving that railings are not, in of themselves, evil.

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