Rainbow trip to Geneva

A day of sunshine and showers. This was the final leg of our road trip from Monaco to Geneva, and the first part of the journey was showery, interspersed with bright sunshine breaking through the clouds,. So part of our motorway trek in a classic Cavalier Mk III was accompanied by a very bright rainbow chasing along beside the car.

After a coffee stop and car swap beside Lake Annecy, we set off in a new Insignia hatch and then stopped to take photos of it beside a marina, where the white hulls contrasted with a blackening sky.

Our arrival in Geneva in time for lunch beside the lake was greeted with better weather, but also a big traffic jam, as police stopped all the vehicles in both directions and a helicopter circled overhead. After a lengthy wait we watched a convoy of police motorcycles and big cars with blackened windows streak past, which we later learned was the departure of Hillary Clinton from the city centre.

This evening's event we attended a briefing on the new Vauxhall Viva - to be called the Opel Karl across the rest of Europe. It is a cute little budget car with an intended starting price of just under £8,000.

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