Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Green garden

The heat this week after last week's rain has sent the garden into a growing frenzy - you can almost see things getting bigger and greener in front of your eyes. It started out cold and foggy this morning but by late morning it had all burnt off and it was another incredibly bright day - too bright for most shots, but I took them anyway! I love this tree, which looks good in all seasons. I've blipped it before - here it is on a frosty day.

This morning we went to the funeral of one of our colleauges, who died of cancer ten days ago. It was amazing to discover how many different things he had done in his life. I wished I had known more about him while he was still working with us, but I'm sure he didn't want that. He was a intensely private man and very self-effacing. His death leaves a void in us.

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