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Devizes Wharf (Friday 27th February 2015)

It was a cold but sunny day on Friday, as I discovered in the morning when I went into Calne to visit the Farmer's Market and ended up sitting on a bench by the river in the town centre, so after lunch I went out in Archie heading in the direction of Melksham to shop. On the way I stopped in Devizes, parking near the Crammer pond where I found spring crocuses, swans and cygnets. I had a few calls to make before I wound up at Devizes Wharf.

I've chosen to monofy this view though you can see the technicolour version in the small album below. A towpath east along the Kennet and Avon took me back to the road where the car was parked, and on to Melksham for groceries and coffee.

3.3.2015 (1433 hr)

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A Visit To Devizes, 27 February 2015 (Flickr album)

Lens:  Pentax 55-300 mm x1.4 rear converter

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Gulp - Game Love (2013)
Gulp is Guto Pryce & Lindsey Leven, based in the Cardiff area, and championed by Cerys Matthews, on whose programme I first heard this.

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