By NeilBarr

Just Ozzie

Yes, I've taken to photographing the dog!

Saving myself for (hopefully) better weather tomorrow, so thought I'd try a little exercise in dodging and burning. No photoshop, no flash, just overhead room lights, a copy of Lightroom & a couple of dog biscuits.

For those that don't know me (actually very few know this about me), the last year has been very stressful and anxiety is a daily problem. The photography was a way out of that, but it started to cause its own anxiety. If I didn't do something every day and didn't post anything new (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, here), then it would stress me out. It's a genuine daily struggle to find new places to go.

I didn't want to go out today, didn't fancy more driving (and more petrol ££) and wanted to save myself for tomorrow, but I felt again that I had to go somewhere. So it was a big deal for me that I turned back from where I was heading and decided to stay home.

In the end I chickened out a bit by producing this shot. But I am completely new to photography and thought I would set myself a challenge. Apart from my camera (no flash) and 2 lenses, I don't own any other equipment and wasn't sure if I could produce a shot like this.

5am start tomorrow (maybe). Eek!

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