By cate1


A wee bit of trauma today caused by a visit to the dentist.  The inner edge of one of my back teeth had broken off and the metal filling was being replaced by a white on - easier for the dentist I think!  First the injection was painful, then the hygienist did the scale and polish while we were waiting for the numbness to take effect. She is so rough I think I won't let her near my teeth again.  There was no decay in my tooth so it was just a case of replacing old with new. 

I did however need some quiet time to recover from the ordeal so decided to practise my close-up shots on these beautiful white roses.  This was the only shot that worked; the others were a bit blurred - must have been too shaky, although this one is a wee bit blurred too so I couldn't crop it as much as I would have liked.     

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