By dark

Waffle House Morning

Last day in the loft - for a couple of months, anyway. If Blip had to pick a weekend to go down, this was probably the most appropriate one - in the middle of the rest of the upheaval, suddenly Blip disappears, as well.

By way of explanation, a sewage leak ten floors up back in July caused some damage and black mold growth in the walls of all the units below it. The mold-removal crew is finally ready to start, so I have to be out by tomorrow morning, and won't be allowed back in until probably December.


I don't have to move everything out - just the things I'll need. But it's been a bit of an ordeal deciding exactly what I may or may not need in the coming two months. I'm sure I've left some file or something that I'll desperately need in about a week. Oh well.

The other thing that's a bit annoying about the whole thing is that, although the building's insurance is paying for the repairs - and kicking me out of my home to do them - it's steadfastly refusing to pay for a new home for me in the meantime. I'll have to (as will the residents of all ten floors that are affected) fund my own relocation. Thank you unregulated insurance industry!! Glad to know someone's looking out for us.

I suppose I'll move into the park across the street (plenty of people there already).

Where's that sleeping bag... oh, and my trusty shopping cart....

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