What do you see?

Today is Deep Conversation Piece Friday. 

What do you see in this image? I was thinking this as I was hobbling around today in a bit of pain with a dodgy knee. I'm sure some of you will say 'a door' and technically that is what you can see. But, look a little closer, do you see the door has two letter boxes? I wonder if they have two postmen, one quite small and one quite tall which is why they need two holes to get their mail posted into. I also see the door has being an opening to somewhere exciting - it's obviously an old door with the paint starting to strip away - so there must be some interesting history that has taken place behind this door. At some stage, there has been a sign on the right hand side of the door as someone has tried to fill in the drill holes that held it there and possibly an ornate bell has also been replaced.

I see this as a metaphor for life, you can either quickly look and see the obvious, or you can spend time and start to dig deeper and all of a sudden things become a lot more interesting and your brain starts to become creative.

Do you want to spend this weekend glancing quickly or would you prefer to slow down a little and experience more. I'd love to know what you see by the end of the weekend.

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