Displacement activities

By Detritus


Old Lil is a sunbather, and sluggish in the day, so in this fearsome heat, we only walk her late evening, when it's cooled enough, and she then runs like a loon to burn of the day's laze. Hence the low sun and burnt out highlights on this. It was not a planned shot, I was running and playing with her when I remembered I had pocket camera with me, this was taken with me running, and her overtaking me, prior to looping round and attempting to herd me - one of her favourite games. I couldn't see the screen when taking this either, so it's always interesting to see what I've got when I get home. Instant gratification? No, I'm from the film generation.

I am aware how ridiculous it must look to anyone who sees us, fortunately we rarely see people on walks, and dogs don't seem to care how silly we look as long as we feed and play with them.

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