a town called E.

By Eej

I love her, she loves me too.

We left early so we could see the ice on the fields before today's thaw would melt that top layer. When we came to My Tree the light was just right, so I could capture her in all her glory.

When I got back into the car, slipping and sliding, I looked at my display and saw the declaration of love. You have to squint and lean back a bit, but it's definitely there; a heart-shaped ball of sun.

(This made me feel so happy and warm and positive that it came as a REALLY unpleasant surprise when the Beloved turned into the dirt road leading to Wolf Lake (with the intention of turning back towards the fish hatchery) and we slipped and slid and with spinning wheels got effing stuck in the snow. Fortunately one of the ice fishers just got back to his car and helped us. Him and me pushed and pulled and I fell over twice and hurt my OTHER shoulder in the process. So now I can't lift anything with any arm. It took I don't even know how long to get out of that mess and I was quite upset because I don't handle stress at all well and there was a LOT.
The Beloved made me tomato soup and we bought Gunga-Din so I can drink off the misery tonight.)

But that heart, I still think it means something good is coming. As long as there is no ice anywhere.

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