Was It Really So Long Ago

By LincolnGreen


This morning, Misses I and C set about decorating the floor, table and plastic trays onto which the paints and egg cups were carefully placed. They even managed to get some of the paint onto the intended egg cups in designs individual as each of them are.

All this was pre-cursory to a visit to Colchester Zoo, whilst there to renew Gold Cards, the annual passes and great value for the repeat visitor.

The book, is a new one to Miss C, bought in a local bookshop. She opened the front cover and began to read, but within an instant she was running through the house screaming 'Im rich, I'm rich!!' Tucked inside the front cover, she found a crisp £20 note!! Alas, she could not be convinced I'd placed it there for safe-keeping.

For me, I spent a couple of hours trying to make sense of the garage and its contents, followed by a visit to the crematorium. Today marks 2 years since Dad departed us. Time flies.

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