D to D

I was hoping to be able to grab a picture of the X-ray image of my hips off the doctor's monitor but they only showed me the accompanying text from the radiologist merely stating that my femoral heads and acetabuli look normal for a person of my age, which is relieving if not exactly a great help in working out what makes standing painful in my left knee and calf, whilst cycling is completely painless and walking more painless the faster I go. Given the pins-and-needles when I stand up after sitting down for a while I'm erring towards some sort of nerve-squishing, possibly caused by adopting uncomfortable positions on unsuitable surfaces in pursuit of youngsters.

I was technically five minutes late for the dentist by the time the forty-minutes-late-starting doctoring session was complete, but being the last of the four of us to be seen meant there would still have been time even if it wasn't less than a minute from the doctor by bicycle. 

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