One of this group caught me out! I had been wanting to photograph that door with the lamps but I saw this group approaching so waited till they were nicely in the frame before pushing the shutter release. 

I was having a bit of  a problem with the light meter on this camera today. It might be the lens though. Not sure. I had to guess at most of my exposure settings for the day. I think I got most of them just fine.

I'm also developing these just a little to contrasty. It's not bad as I like contrasty images. That said, I think I might agitate the development a little more to soften things up a little. It is more pronounced on some of the other images.

I'm thinking I want to start uploading each entire roll of film to its own album on Flickr as a bit of a record of what I've done with each. I think I'll start with this roll. :)

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