The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie


From my daily journal - December 26, 2005

Very long day today. Still, hardly enough happened to fill the short journal entry. We dod go out for a quick shopping trip to Haggen's. Other than that we stayed in all day. It was rainy and gray. I spent lots of time on the computer. From about six on Steve, Arvin and I played 15 dot Mexican Train. We got ourselves left overs when we were hungry. Sloooow day.

2015 note: About the clock, it is an English tall case clock made in the middle 18th century. I bought it in 1980 at a clock store in California. I was living in New York State at the time and had a crate built so it could be shipped East. It has moved twice since them. It was made by J Todd of Bradford, England. I call it "Gramps" as in the US it would be called a grandfather clock.

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