By gallacherg

2013/2014 Exam Results

I am not going to go any further back than the 3rd of March. I feel I can explain enough by doing a weeks photo to give enough background knowledge of myself for all you other photo bloggers.

I took a very obscure route into university because I dropped out of high school when I was 16 due to problems out with the school. After 3 years of messing about I decided enough was enough and I needed to change something in my life.

There was 2 roads I could go down - a successful positive one or one where I just didn't give a f*ck about life and partied on drugs and drink every day, absolutely destroying my mind, body and spirit.

I ended up studying 3 Highers myself at home and got decent marks. However, universities look for straight out of school leavers generally and also they require 4/5 Highers for most courses so I had to look at my other options.

I am from Caithness in Scotland and therefore there wasn't many options so I chose to do HNC in accounting and I completely excelled as a person that year and got an A which I knew could get me into university.

I always knew I never wanted to do an Accounting degree but this marks show how dedicated I was to my studies. I'm just an ordinary person and I am averagely intelligent so I put these marks down to the work I put in.

I knew high marks would give me the opportunity to switch on to whatever degree I wanted and therefore this kept me focused and determined all year.

I have set out goals over the last 4 years and step by step I am getting there! I have certainly taken some setbacks along the way but the past is the past and there is nothing I can do about it.

Here's to the future !!

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