What Do I See

By MatthewHicks

Say Hello To Gordon

This is Gordon. Gordon is our local Butcher, their family business Wrightons of Fritwell has been going since the 1920's. Gordon and his sister Cath and their respective partners have been catering in every respect for the local community for many years now (the picture from last week was one of the events they catered for).

Gordy is the most ebullient, cheerful and down right lovely blokes you could care to meet. Always helpful, and genuinely friendly to all. If there was a model for the cheery butcher that is almost an archetypal image then he really could fit the bill.

We popped in to get a bit of meat for a lunchtime barbecue, and it seemed the perfect opportunity to catch him at his best. I hope to get some pictures of the butchers in action sometime soon.

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