Sunrise Through the Tree Row

It's a special delight each morning, to be traveling with the sunrise again. My day begins this way: with me, in the car, sipping my coffee, singing along with the radio, planning my day, plotting and scheming for my next photo opportunity. And I am driving into the light.

I wish I could tell you what a burden it is, but it is not: to be out in this early, beautiful time of day. How I have missed the sunrise these past few months; but now I have it back again.

This is the tree line along Sawmill Road, near Stormstown. Sometimes there are cows in this field, but not on this morning. We've had warmer temperatures and rain, and the snow pack is melting faster than you might expect.

The sun has risen just above the horizon, and it's illuminating a bank of dark clouds in that way that only seems to happen in winter. The day is young, spring is coming, the snow and ice are melting, and a glimpse of golden glory awaits along the tree row.

The soundtrack: Eric Clapton and friends, Sunshine of Your Love.

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