Rodents rule

By squirk

First mowing of 2015

It was warm enough today to let the gp trio out. They were a little shocked at first to be in the fresh air, but they soon got to grips with the grassy task in hand (mouth?)

When I opened the compost to add some old gp hay, there was a gorgeous big-eyed, big-eared, delicate field mouse pit-pattering about the top layer. I watched her scrunch up her nose and twitch her whiskers, sniffing the air, before she ambled down a tunnel deeper into the bin. I call the tunnel an 'aerating tube' – it's good to see one of her kind at work.

I met Si to talk about potential cat book ideas over dinner and cups of tea. Whisky is going to be observed a great deal more over the next month or so. He's the purrfect model.

The jet lag finally hit today – bleuurghh. I feel like I have the flu but it might just be all the time zones crunching in my bones. I won't give into it. 

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