Streptocarpus Kim

...................................................One of my favourite house plants is blooming now. I'm sure you can beat that but this is the earliest yet for me as I usually stick them out of the way and forget to water them. I've found they need a fair bit of watering over the winter and I think finally I have found the right spot for them and I see them often enough to remind me to water them.

I have been very lethargic today..................a slob. I've even felt as though I have been drugged and I'm dragging myself around. The only exercise I've had today is leaning out of the window smelling the sweet smell of spring and watching the rain. I have also spied on my neighbours by accident. They looked as though they were having the same sort of day. Tomorrow the weather will be full on gardening, I hope. 

Mother Father and baby will be (well they have been already) released from hospital but they had to wait for 3 hours for the right documentation. Mummy will have been going slightly round the bend as she doesn't like hospitals. Daddy and Daddy's Mum have been hugely supportive. Apparently the wee one is mad for milkies so thats good. Runs in the families. We are all good feeders. Have a nosey at the photos here if you want. 

Apologies for no comments yesterday. If you got one you were lucky. and many thanks for congrats and stars

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