"Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White"

Not sure whether this is an ornamental cherry or an apple but it has been blooming in the garden of the family home since I was a child and probably before that. I love the single flowers with their beautiful rounded petals that shade from white to a lovely peachy pink. 

Hopefully we have completed the last bit of heavy work at the house. Today we dismantled a huge, dark wood, German display cabinet. It used to be in the boardroom of Jewish department store and was brought by its owners to the UK when they fled the Nazis. My father-in-law bought it from them for his shop in London. It was too big for his shop in the country so he took it to my family home. Even though it is beautifully made we have been unable to sell it, probably because it is very dark and Germanic-looking.

Thank Goodness we have emptied The Homestead in the nick of time. 

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