Lala's Journal

By Lala

Baby Love

My photo today is of the first born black cygnets. The last couple of years have been sparce on the black cygnet front, so these are very special. One born on Tuesday, one on Thursday. This morning, Dad was out swimming with the little ones while Mum sat on the rest of the eggs. I only had my phone with 2% battery left, so this was all I managed.

The day is a very special one for my nephew, 18 today! He has grown into a wonderful young man. I remember meeting him, the day after he was born. His mum would have been so proud of him and although 3 years have passed I seem to find these days of anniversaries and birthdays harder as the years go by.

Just before I left work, one of the gardeners popped in the office to tell me another egg was hatching down at the nest in the Cascade Garden.

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