An impromptu trip to Rory's after an extremely stressful week is what is in order for me this weekend! After rewriting my entire essay yesterday, I have no intention of doing any work over the weekernd and I shall start fresh with dissertation writing on Monday, so a weekend of fun and relaxing will be had instead!

The train down was absolutely heaving. I didn't really think it through, getting on a London train on a Friday night without a seat reservation. I ended up shifting seats quite a few times before Edinburgh but there were a lot of people without seats for the majority of the journey.

Rory met me at the train station and we headed back to the cottage. Pizza, chips and sweetcorn for dinner whilst watching an episode of Breaking Bad. Ice creams for pudding and we curled up on the sofa to watch Guilt Trip, which Rory fell asleep through but I loved! Off to bed with my book!

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