Tarawera Times

By Megl

Henry James Nicholas

Great thrll this morning on our way home to pop in and meet Lizzy and Ben's first baby who was born on Wednesday. A very handsome young man.
Lizzy is rather special as she worked for us for many years, starting before she left school. When she married four years ago I was the photographer, it was a stunning wedding. So when she knew I was popping in, she said that's great...bring your camera!

Well have prepared ourselves for the storm, but hoping that it will be less severe than predicted. It is 8.30pm and only a light rain with no wind. Will be interesting what comes during the night.

Thanks heaps for all who have visited over the past few days while we have been away, always feel a little guilty seeing all the comments but not having enough time to reply. And it may be like that for a few more days as have an uncle arriving tomorrow with his son. Anyway will catch up soon...I promise!

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