Picture this..

By northernlass261


I have found a Mesem plant in orange at the Garden Centre and have re-potted it this morning, so will see how it survives.

Also this morning, I had a lovely surprise, a friend, who is now on his own, brought me a sewing box.   A lovely wooden one, quite old, full of all sorts of lovely things.

Threads of all colours; needles - sewing, knitting and crochet; a bag full of buttons; ribbons; zips etc. and an old book on Crochet.   There was a curious item in the box and I have no idea what it is for.   So a possible blip to see if anyone can identify it.   I had such a lovely afternoon looking through and sorting it all out.   

I did take a picture of the Box and contents but there was too much light on the balcony, where I had taken it to look through.   Instead I have posted these lovely buttons, they are really special.   I need to find  a good use for them now.   It's a shame to leave them in the box.

I am saving the box and contents for tomorrow, when I can show them better, unless I find something else to take! 

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