Tunnel Rats 75/365

When you are re-plumbing an 80 year old house there are several nightmare processes you have to go through:  

1. Remove all the asbestos.  It seemed like a miracle material in the 1930's: insulative, fire proof... and now we know DEADLY!  So that was money well spent over three months removing it!   

2. Install the new biomass boiler (relatively easy if expensive). Remove the old pig iron oil boiler.. in pieces as it won't fit out of the window, oh and remove all the asbestos from within it.

3. Check that the plumbing still works...  well the heating system - dormant for over 35 years is still basically 100%, but the hot water pipes have all been cut in places we can't find.

That's why Simon here is crawling around in the spooky dark tunnel.  I'll just lock the access hatch again so he can't escape before he finds the problem.

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