Almost there!

I have spent most of today backing up my journal. I have always had the photos saved, but I suddenly realised that I didn’t want there to be any risk of losing my words and even the comments. So I have been laboriously exporting each one as a PDF file, using Safari on my Mac. Each one only takes a few seconds, but the time mounts up as I go through month after month. And of course I stop to read them and . . . !

I’m almost done now and then I can keep up to date with the process in the future.
Meanwhile someone has been labouring in the garden. A few weeks ago this was just grass and a fairly neglected pond. Now we appear to have raised beds for vegetables, paths and landscaping. The pond seems to have some stonework and we have beds where planting is going to take place. The pond was going to be cleaned out and filled up, but it is full of frog spawn, so that will have to wait. Excellent work!
Still here and hoping. I have not made any moves to join anything else and I’m not sure that I will be doing.


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