By witchcreations

keeping the lights on

For all my non blip friends out on the twitter sphere, you might not have heard the news that Blipfoto is in liquidation. 

It's been a melancholy day waiting to hear news about the future of our community of photo bloggers...the details are here  Hopefully a buyer can be found and I for one am happy to join in with any publicity, cheerleading and crowd funding that might help us to continue... I really want to keep the lights and the computers on... 

However change always makes you thoughtful so first I want to say that whatever happens I will continue to take pictures... Also I don't want to lose any of the friends that I've made here,  so I can always be found at clare@witchcreations.com.  In fact you'll find my witchy face popping up on flickr, pinterest, facebook, twitter  and all sorts of places on the tinterweb, so no need to be a stranger... 

To sum up some if my feelings I thought I'd link to some of my previous posts that explain a little about why blip means so much and what a lovely place Joe and the team created.

Fabulous experiences  such as winning the prize of photographing the Edinburgh Tattoo

group projects celebrating creativity, sense of place and belonging 
see the film

Recording the really significant family moments as well as the little ones 
which remind me exactly how I was feeling at the time

A bit of self expression, prompted by dark evenings and the need to take a photo of something  

Not to mention the friends I've made, the blip meets, the secret postcard society, the challenges, the chat and banter, the keeping in touch with family and the sense of connection....

so in celebration of all this and to show any potential buyers out there how great this community is I'll be joining in with this  latest challenge tomorrow  see you all there...

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