Be mobile

By petaqui

Blipfoto (and 2 years of project here!)

Since starting this project 365, a photo a day, I have gone through several platforms on out to take my personal challenge. I started with Posterous , that great platform to create blogs, really awesome and worked great for images with unlimited space and no ads. One "wonderful day" Twitter bought it and at the end  they closed the site. When that happened I decided to move my project to an own blog in my server, , where I knew I would have control over the photos and won't disappear unless I decide that, and where today there are 829 entries in 829 days, some with several pictures ... but I started to upload my photos to other two sites at the same time: Blipfoto and 365project. This in order to meet people, other pictures and LEARN that is what is for this project. So time pass, and has been fancy, but now Blipfoto is in liquidation, and seeks new owner for lack of money, or financial problems seem began when Polaroid invested in the web earlier this year, hopefully everything comes to a good end for the darling of many photographers :(a social network where every day thousands of people upload their pictures and see those of others  to learn, teach and see the world, sound geek, but I find it beautiful.

Psssss: 2 years of blips right now :D More than two years because I missed lot of days last year, but now I'm working at 100% on this

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