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By xb


The walls are starting to crumble, so the scaffolding is now going up, inside the perimeter fence they've erected around the Town House.  Now, who thought the title was a reference to recent events on here...?

I have to say that the whole #blipfotoforever thing is making me twitchy.  After nearly six years of following the rules, and after having one blip suspended for this very reason, the dominance of overlaid text is bothering me no end.  I know it's no longer a rule, but I'm part of the old guard around here.  Don't go showing me any borders, and don't blip for today if you took it last week.  Rules is rules, and just because there's a vacuum at the top, doesn't mean anarchy can rule.

Anyway, I haven't joined the hand-holding bandwagon today.  As nice as the sentiment is, I don't see what difference it makes.  The new buyers might dress up a press release to say they care about the community, but our data is a tangible asset, and there's money to be made.

Participating in the 'blipfoto friends' group on facebook is like riding a rollercoaster.  Over the last few days it's gone from concern (what if we have to give up), to defiance (we'll never give up), to relief (we won't have to give up), to talk of a boycott (let's give up).  I suppose forums (fora?) can get like that.

I'll carry on as I said on Monday - what happens, happens.

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