By memento

I have something to tell you...

If you were one of many who spent their days complaining about everything that didn't work (despite the fact that the techies were frantically scrambling to get it all back) or that you didn't like about the new blipfoto, or one of the many that went into a speculative tizzy about the partnership with may finally have something bigger to complain about.

One can learn so much about the heart of a website from its forums, in fact, whenever I consider joining one, that's where I go first. If I had stumbled into the blip forums as a newbie in the last three months, the nastiness would have made me steer clear. I would have been wrong, of course, because what transpired in the forums is not representative of the blip community at large.

Blip's new owner, Polaroid, is a for-profit company, like any other for-profit company in the world. Just because they are American, doesn't make them evil, or more evil. Corporate greed is not an exclusive American trait. Don't hate on America. The change in ownership does not change the fact that blipfoto was conceived, created and nurtured in Scotland. It doesn't change the fact that we've met wonderful people all over the world.

It might and probably will, in the long run, change everything else though, even though the sentiment of keeping it the same is intact right now. Somehow I always knew that blipfoto could not survive on membership alone. I expect ads for products and services, eventually. All I have to say to that what? If it's the only way to keep it going, then so be it. If it becomes unbearable, I'll leave. You know what they say; the best place to hit a company for maximum pain, is in the wallet.

What I will not do, is spend one minute or one ounce of energy complaining about something that I cannot change. That is not defeatist, it is reality.

The hands holding thing for today was a lovely idea. I've done it once though and that was hard enough. I'm not sure I could get my hands in the right position on the thumbnail. It's so difficult.

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