Wall Art - 18

In memory of the Lion Foundry,  famous for the red telephone boxes, bandstands and lots of other ironwork around the world.

I decided to have a second listen to the Blogging Changed My Life radio interview with Joe.


It first went out on 4th March.  Very entertaining,  and Joe came across really well.  Now when I listen to it again odd phrases here and there seem to take on a new meaning.   He explains the history of how he set it up as a personal thing and then allowed some friends and family to join in, and shortly after that many more people were asking to join in.  At the time it was just a diversion when he had been bored at work, and there were no plans to turn it into a business.  Lots of mention of the 'Community'.  Well worth a listen if you haven't heard it, and apologies to those outside the UK as I'm pretty sure it will be blocked.

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