The Geeky Christian

By s90man

Briefest glimpse

This is a still from a video I shot on the D7000, it came out pretty well! We literally had about 1 minute of cloudy clarity down here during the early stages of the eclipse. The rest was obscured! Dad managed to catch about 6 seconds of the later parts but me and Mum tired of standing there! It got quite dark but not as dark as we'd thought it might. It was still pretty cool, we had the live coverage on the TV at the same time so we could actually see what it was doing!

The seagulls went nuts once again. We went to Brixham for the 1999 eclipse and that was amazing, and the gulls all went nuts that time as well. We seemed to have two seagulls in particular today who sat on our roof and watched with us, staring at where the eclipse was happening until it ended, then they seemed to fly down and announce that it had finished to everyone! Very strange! Animals are definitely sensitive to this stuff in some weird way...

Anyway! On with the rest of the day I suppose. Getting this posted early. Hoping I might have enough energy for Friday Club later, will have to see. It's our last one before the Easter break! I haven't been for probably a couple of months now...

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