Had a lovely time this morning observing the eclipse on my doorstep.  Me, some white paper, a colander and a juggle of cameras, mirrors and most importantly the eclipse glasses from the last eclipse.  

I had heard that it was dangerous to try to take a selfie so.. well.. its always fun to try.  This is a reflection of my iphone and me in the back of the eclipse glasses with the sun showing through the glasses :) 

On the whole it was quite cloudy but there were moments that it cleared sufficiently to project the light onto white paper through the colander.. rather out of focus but quite cool !!  I also projected the sun through a vanity mirror onto the ceiling with a small trianglular hole cut in a piece of paper and taped on to it that worked pretty well too.

Hope lots of you were able to see it.. the birds were pretty chatty throughout almost like a second dawn chorus !!

You might want to zoom in (not on me) but the sun.. its quite a good picture for the makeshiftness of the arrangement!!)

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